ENERMO consists of a control unit that offers optimal energy management for installations integrating renewable energy sources. ENERMO connects, via switching relays, the appropriate source to power the loads. Decisions are based on the available and estimated energy (renewable and stored) according to the needs of the loads.

ENERMO ENERMO is dedicated to the industrial and residential sectors using photovoltaic systems: grid-connected or stand-alone. The challenge is to provide a solution for domestic and industrial installations, integrating renewable energy sources, to minimize the cost of energy consumption, promote self-consumption, ensure battery security and guarantee the needs of the loads.


  • Provide optimal energy management for hybrid installations.
  • Promote self-consumption.
  • Ensure optimal integration of renewable energy in the industrial and domestic sectors.
  • Guarantee continuous power supply to loads.
  • Provide real-time monitoring of energy consumption and production.


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